What To Know Before Getting Braces
15 May 2020

What To Know Before Getting Braces

Getting braces is not anymore a symbol of awkwardness captured forever in high school yearbooks. Getting braces has turned into a fun right of passage for middle schoolers with the introduction of colors, hashtags, etc 

The stigma once associated with adults getting braces has diminished with the advances in orthodontic technology like clear braces aligners. 

Here are a few things you should know before getting braces.

What do you need to know before getting braces?

Braces are not just about the look of the smile.
Braces can help to correct teeth, bite and jaw alignment issues and ultimately improve oral health.

You’ll need to get your dental work done first
Before getting braces, you’ll need to have teeth cleaning and have all other dental work completed. This may include having wisdom teeth removed so they don’t interfere with orthodontic treatment.

Adjustments to diet
It is a good idea to eliminate certain foods from your diet before getting the braces. It takes some time getting used to a brace and trying to change your diet after the braces have been put can be a challenge.
Some of the foods that can be removed from the diet are sticky or gummy food or food that requires heavy chewing. 

Brushing your teeth regularly

Items can easily get stuck between wires and brackets, and brushing will help resolve it easily and keep breath fresh.
Carry a toothbrush and travel-sized paste with you, as well as a gum-safe toothpick. 

Mouthguards for athletes
Mouthguards can prevent potential contact of the braces with the mouth which can result in an injury during sports.

Regular Orthodontist appointments.
Most patients will need to see their orthodontists every 4-6 weeks to ensure treatment is progressing properly and to have adjustments made. 

Mild Pain.
Patients may experience mild pain, especially after initial placement and when wires are tightened. You can work with your dentist to identify suitable pain medication to help with the pain.

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