15 Dec 2022

Dental x-ray

Why would I need an x-ray?
Early tooth decay often doesn’t show noticeable physical signs. Sometimes a tooth may appear healthy, but an x-ray can reveal decay beneath the enamel, possible root infections, or bone loss around the tooth.

X-rays are beneficial as they allow the dental team to see between your teeth or under the edge of your fillings. By detecting and treating dental problems at an early stage, you can save both time and money.
In children, x-rays help show the position of adult teeth and when they will erupt. Similarly, in adults, x-rays are used to monitor the eruption of wisdom teeth.

How often should I have x-rays?
For new patients, dental x-rays may be recommended unless you have recently had them done. This assessment helps the dental team evaluate the condition of your mouth and detect any hidden issues. After the initial x-rays, the frequency of future x-rays may range from every 6 to 24 months, depending on factors such as your dental history, age, and the condition of your mouth.

Who do the x-rays belong to?
X-rays are an essential part of your health records. If you are entitled to copies of your records, there may be a fee for obtaining them. When changing dentists, your new dental team will usually not require your previous x-rays and records. However, if they are significant, your new dentist will let you know and may ask for permission to have them sent or request that you retrieve them.

What will an x-ray show?
X-rays can reveal decay that is not directly visible in the mouth, such as decay beneath fillings or between teeth. They can also show if there is an infection in the tooth root and indicate its severity.
In children, x-rays can show the presence and positioning of unerupted teeth, providing insights into whether there is enough space for their eruption. In adults, x-rays are used to identify impacted wisdom teeth that may require extraction before they cause any problems.

Are x-rays dangerous?
Dental x-rays involve minimal radiation exposure. In fact, we are exposed to more radiation from natural sources like minerals in the soil and our environment on a daily basis.
With modern techniques and equipment, dental x-rays are kept as safe as possible. Dental professionals always use x-rays judiciously and only when necessary.

X-rays play a crucial role in dental care, providing valuable information about the health of your teeth. If you have any concerns about radiation exposure or our safety protocols, please feel free to reach out to us. We prioritize the safety of our patients and are committed to addressing any worries you may have.

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